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Discover How You Can Make
Changes in Your Life Starting Now!

"I am the expert to call when you're feeling small..."
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

FREE Consultation
Click Here to email Judie
call/text (619) 961-7555

Please call between 10 am & 7 pm Pacific Time / 7 days including holidays.

Sessions by phone, Skype or in person at my San Diego office.

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Date this page was last updated 11/25/2018






$145 Introductory
(1-1/2 hour) Session
$315 value!

Judie Keys, CCH
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
New Life and Business Coach

I specialize in ...
empowering gals and guys ...
to heal from the Panic, PTSD and Depression ... in their lives.


"I went from being blind to sighted without drugs or surgery! I sought help from Judie Keys, CCH, about eleven months ago when I was diagnosed as legally blind with macular degeneration. My vision had dropped down from normal to 20/400 over the previous several months. I was in shock and devastated. continued...

Do you feel:

Panicked Disrespected Mistreated
Unsuccessful Guilty  Shame Fearful
Angry  Sad  Worthless Depressed
Stressed Limited

Do you ...

Square Clip Art relive painful memories?

Square Clip Art have nightmares?

Square Clip Art feel detached?

Square Clip Art have little or no interest in activities?

Square Clip Art feel helpless?

Square Clip Art have trouble sleeping?

Square Clip Art feel irritable?

Square Clip Art have outbursts of anger?

Square Clip Art have difficulty concentrating?

Square Clip Art find yourself being overly alert?

Square Clip Art startle easily?

Square Clip Art feel intense fear?

Square Clip Art persistent feelings of anxiety?

Square Clip Art difficulty completing tasks?

Square Clip Art have flashbacks of a terrifying event?

Square Clip Art avoid situations that trigger upsetting recollections?

If you experience any of the above responses, you may have PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder), panic and/or depression. Whatever the cause, it can be healed.

Please contact Judie Keys, CCH direct now to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION!
(619) 961-7555.
She can help you!

Phone and Skype Sessions Available!

Download your copy of "53 Clues to Recognize Abuse" by clicking on the title.

Would you like to feel:







I can give you the
"Keys" to get back your life!

Over 23 Years Experience and
17 Certifications





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Judie Keys
Healing Magic INTERNATIONAL Judie Keys CCH

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NEW LOCATION to Better Serve You in
Mission Valley:


Executive Centre in Mission Valley
1761 Hotel Circle South, Ste. 356
San Diego, CA 92108-3318

Phone calls are welcome between
10 am - 7 pm, Pacific Time / 7 Days including holidays
San Diego direct (619) 961-7555

OLD Address

4295 Gesner St., Suite 3C
San Diego, CA 92117-6663 USA

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