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Date this page was last updated 12/15/2018


10 Tips and Tricks for Eliminating Cigarettes in Your Life

 1. Set a stop date and tell all your friends the date you are stopping.

  2. Put a picture of a skull and cross bones on all your packages of cigarettes a month before your stop date.

  3. The day before you stop get rid of all your paraphernalia that goes along with your habit such as lighters, cigarettes, and ashtrays.

  4. Get rid of your cigarettes.

  5. Make a list of your triggers; for some it is giving permission to take a rest. Also after a meal some people smoke and some smoke in their car.

  6. Write down the reasons you started the habit in the first place; some people did it because of peer pressure. Others were copying a parent's behavior. Some did it to rebel.

  7. Write down the reasons you want to stop the habit.

  8. If you have a family member that has the same habit, if he/she isnít ready to quit have them agree to keep cigarettes unavailable. Have them smoke outside.

  9. If there is another habit that goes along with the one that you have thatís not as hard for you to stop, think about stopping that one first. For example people often have cigarettes with their coffee, so stop the coffee first if thatís easier. You might be able to go back to coffee, if that is desirable, in a few months once youíre over the addiction part of the cigarettes.

10. Once you stop smoking, start putting away the money you had been spending on cigarettes and save up for something special.

Remember youíre only one cigarette away from being hooked again. So the trick is not to pick up the habit again.

If you do this and you still arenít able to stay away from cigarettes, then see a therapist that does emotional clearing because it means that there are deeper issues that need to be eliminated.

This process can be used for other habits, although, I suggest that you get help from a therapist for alcohol, drugs and food addictions.

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