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Date this page was last updated 07/29/2017


8 Ways to Have a
Happier Life with Hypnosis

1. Health benefits. By releasing negative energy and limitations, the body can heal negative thoughts that create stress in the body. This leads to tension and pain. From that, bad chemicals can be released which could turn into a disease.

2. Releasing negative thoughts and limitations can help a person feel calmer. It is then easy to eliminate bad habits such as smoking, substance abuse and food addictions.

I have helped many clients with stopping smoking as it is a smokescreen for what is going on in their lives. I have cleared their limitations and negative emotions. Then it is easy to become smoke-free. I give people tools to stay calm, eliminating the need for the nicotine.

3. Hypnosis is useful for creating all the abundance that a person may want in his or her life. It includes monetary wealth, great relationships, spiritual connection and physical healing. I've worked with many clients releasing their limiting beliefs. by doing so, they are able to reach the goals that they want.

4. Hypnosis can help a person eliminate any blocks toward deserving success; in doing so, it allows a person to reach his or her full potential in school.

I worked with a client who had a block about getting good grades in school. In high school, she was an average to below average student. After we did the work, she had an average of A- in her classes.

5. Eliminating blocks and programming a person for success can help them quantum leap their business.

I had a client who was living in a container in Boulder, Colorado. I helped him with eliminating his limitations. He now owns his own home and has a successful contracting business.

6. Hypnosis can end phobias, fears, anxiety and depression.

I had a client who was severely depressed. She had a lot of unresolved issues. She wanted to be in a better career and was in an abusive relationship. We cleared her issues and she was able to create a great relationship for herself. She went back to school which led to a new career.

7. Sports performance is usually improved through hypnosis.

I had a client who had been successful jumping horses. He felt guilty because he would win all the time. He then stopped winning. He came to me. I helped him eliminate his guilt so then he began to win events again.

8. Psychic abilities are greatly enhanced.

I had a client who was psychic but she didn't have much confidence that she could actually have a psychic business. By eliminating her limitations and negative emotions, she was able to get more in touch with her talents. She eventually left her boring job and is now a full time psychic.

Judie Keys

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