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Date this page was last updated 07/29/2017


How Hypnosis and Other Alternative Therapies Help Someone Who
Has PTSD to Live a Normal Life

PTSD or Posttraumatic Stress Disorder can be helped with hypnotherapy by taking a person back to an event in a safe way, and deleting the negative energy around the event.

For instance, if someone has been raped, the first thing I do is give them something called an anchor so they can feel calm going into hypnosis and in dealing with that situation.

Anchoring is creating an association between a feeling and a sensory experience such as a touch or a sound. As children we may have had negative anchors.

The anchoring a hypnotherapist does is anchoring in positive feelings. Anchoring works because we form natural associations between feelings and external things every day. People have negative anchors as well. A hypnotherapist will help a person eliminate the negative anchors as well.

I help my clients bring on good calm feelings. I often have my client hold their thumb and a finger together while thinking of a special or calm place. In that way we have programmed in those good feelings and they can have those feelings anytime they want.

So even after one session they have a tool to help themselves feel calm whenever they want. It’s important to have a hypnotherapist who has been trained in programming install the anchor.

After giving them the anchor, while they are holding their anchor, I take them back to the event and release the negative emotions around the event. These emotions can be anger, sadness, fear, shame and guilt. They may have one of these emotions, or some or all of them. It’s the negative emotions that keep them stuck.

We also help them get in touch with the positive learning. Even though the event was horrific, there’s always something positive that came from it.

After releasing the negative emotions and getting the positive learnings, we then program in how they would have liked the situation to be different. Often times it’s difficult to look at the perpetrator as being different than they were so I will often suggest they imagine someone more positive in their life or make a person up.

By the way, the subconscious believes pretend as much as it believes the truth so if you program a positive fantasy into your subconscious you’ll then feel more at peace about what happened.

In the case of rape, instead of distancing yourself from people you want to be close to, you will be able to attract  loving relationships into your life that last.

There are other areas of their life that was affected by the rape so a good therapist will know what other areas will need to be healed in order for the person to have a complete and fulfilling life.

Hypnosis is only one way to eliminate PTSD. There are many other alternative therapies for dealing with these kinds of problems such as Neurolinguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, Core Transformation plus many more.

The most important aspect is that you find a hypnotherapist that specializes in PTSD and has a quantity of different tools in their toolbox. It is imperative that you have a rapport with that therapist. If it doesn’t feel right, look for someone else.

Judie Keys

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