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Date this page was last updated 07/29/2017


How to Make Your
New Year's Resolution Come True Through Self-Hypnosis

We often have good Intentions for making our resolutions a reality, but something often seems to stop us. What is that? Why canít we fulfill what we want to do? In simple terms, it is usually emotional blocks that stop us. Also, if you donít have some tools to help you, itís almost impossible to end that bad habit.

What are some of these blocks? Oftentimes, it is a habit called self-sabotage. That is usually the core of any habit that canít be fixed. We often say to ourselves I canít do that or I donít deserve that.

Although we say these things to ourselves, they arenít true. Itís our old programming that is telling us this. So what do we do about it? We use self-hypnosis for giving ourselves good suggestions and cancel out the negative.

So, when you hear yourself saying, I canít quit smoking or stop overeating, or any other bad habit, you can say to yourself CANCEL, CANCEL, CANCEL. Then follow it up with a positive affirmation such as, "I can be free of cigarettes and be healthy."

Notice, I didnít say, "I can stop smoking." The reason I didnít say that, was that we are often told as children to stop doing this thing or that thing. In reality the subconscious doesnít want to be told what to do and secretly will want to rebel.

So if you tell yourself to stop smoking, etc., you will more than likely want to smoke even more. So, choose to eliminate the word "stop" in your vocabulary.

Itís also good to eliminate negative Ďt words such as canít, donít, and shouldnít. If you want to succeed, only use positive words and positive sentences. I often use the phrase, "I can choose to eat less," or "I can choose to be fearless. I am Wonder Woman."

Another thing that we can do is notice when these habits occur. In other words, notice when you want to do the habit. Maybe itís in your car or when you go out to dinner or if it is something like a fear, notice what triggers the fear. Maybe itís walking into a room of strangers or having to do a speech.

If you find that fear is taking over your life, you can realize that the fear only lasts a few seconds, and that you are more critical of yourself than how other people perceive you.

It also helps to take a few minutes to breathe. Then pretend you are talking to your best friend when you are presenting to a group. Take some time to think about what positive thing you could do to change your habit into something that can be eliminated.

Sometimes it is just changing one aspect. For example, when I stopped smoking I didnít think about what I was missing, I thought about what I was gaining such as, I could breath better, I could hike up mountains easier and I didnít worry about my health as much. Then I would go for a walk or Iíd read a good book instead of smoking. After awhile the good habit outdid the bad one.

If after doing all this and you canít stop your habit, it only means that you have some deep blocks that you havenít been able to access yourself. That is the time to make an appointment with a hypnotherapist who knows how to eliminate old blocks.

Judie Keys

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