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Date this page was last updated 07/29/2017


13 Quick Tips to Better Your Business Networking

  1. Go into a networking situation with a happy and energetic attitude. Even if you don’t feel it, fake it until you make it, and get an attitude adjustment from a professional such as a hypnotherapist.

  2. Prepare your introduction. What you say about yourself should be clear, interesting and well delivered.

  3. People enjoy talking about themselves. Ask them questions to help get them started. Notice common interests hence creating a rapport between you and the person you are talking to.

  4. Risk rejection; it is not the end of the world. Some people, no matter what you do, you can’t get in rapport with them. Move on to the next person; maybe that new person will end up being your best  referrer.

  5. Remember that networking is about being genuine and authentic. Build trust and relationships and see how you can help others.

  6. Think about what you want to portray. Drinking at a networking group may seem like fun, but the image your portraying is, "I want to party," instead of, "I'm serious about getting to know you.

  7. Go to as many networking groups as possible. Remember, the more visible you are, the better.

  8. Create a networking bulletin board or networking folder for other people's cards and/or brochures at your office. Then invite people you meet to hang their cards and take other people's cards

  9. Call back and email within three days after you receive business cards at a networking event. Set up a meeting for coffee to get to know each other better so that you can refer customers/clients to each other. Some people communicate more by email and some communicate more by phone.

10. Always give out two cards per person at a networking meeting. One to keep and one for them to pass to someone that can use your services or products.

11. Create a special coupon or special offer to give out to the people that you network with. Encourage them to use it personally or pass it to someone that can use your services or products.

12. Be a good referrer. If you know someone who can use a person's help, take the time to pass a referral to them.

13. When you do get a referral, a thank you is always appreciated. If you can give a gift for a referral, so much the better.

For example: I give a free session to anyone who refers someone that comes for my special introductory session, plus three more single sessions. They can use that session for themselves or give it to someone who can use my help.


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