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Date this page was last updated 01/05/2019


More Success Stories

Story #1

I had a client named Julie who had a limitation about advertising her business. She had been using a particular publication for about a year. She got very few clients from it. It seemed to her that it really wasn't working.

We started by doing clearing work using hypnosis. She had limitations about deserving abundance. She had been abused as a child. She wasn't encouraged to trust her own intuition, so she grew up not trusting herself. Many times as a child she thought of something on her own and was put down for her ideas.

I cleared her fear and anxiety using Time Line hypnosis. I also cleared some of the other negative emotions such as anger, sadness and guilt. Once cleared, she was able to make more room for more ideas to flow.

I encouraged her to realize that she was showing the universe that she was serious about growing her business. I also suggested that she concentrate on what she wanted instead of putting her attention on the negative aspects of her ad.

She started to focus on letting this publication attract new business opportunities into her life. I programmed her future to allow this ad to work, and so it did. Within a few hours after her session, she got a phone call for new business. My client was able to book an appointment which brought in more than enough to pay for an entire year of advertising.

Story #2

Jane was an elegant lady who had a retail jewelry business. She came to me because of several factors. First and foremost, she wanted to build up her retail business. I told her I had ran a successful retail store for over 20 years.

I went to visit Jane in her store to further our connection, since we were in a business networking group together. I observed her helper being very negative. After talking awhile, she decided to do a session with me. I mentioned that her helper was causing some of the problems in the store; so one of the first things we did was use hypnosis to eliminate her fear of speaking up.

Jane continued to do work with me for a few more months. By then, she was able to create and enforce her boundaries to this worker, and by doing so, her business increased by 20 percent in just one month. It continued to grow every month after that. She is now running a highly popular and profitable jewelry store.

Story #3

Michael came to me to improve his business. We talked about coaching and how it could help. I started coaching sessions with him but soon realized he really needed to clear up some issues in the past before I could do any real work with him.

We started with releasing some of the old internal negative emotions and self-defeating energies that were blocking him from success. As a result, I learned he was an alcoholic.

We then cleared the reasons he drank, and he completely stopped drinking; it has been over six months since then. He is now happily moving forward without the once needed, mood altering alcohol that he once depended on.

After we cleared the drinking issues with Time Line and EFT, his energy changed and he started attracting more business. I then programmed his future so his business would increase. We eliminated all his self-sabotaging behavior, procrastination and limitations. We are still continuing with the coaching.

I have seen his business expand greatly in just a few months. The average length of time a person goes into traditional psychotherapy, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, is two to seven years.

Michael had some deep problems, especially around the drinking. He would have likely been in therapy a very long time. Because I did some deep work with him, however, he is ready to move on with his life in less than a year.

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